We can help you meet your auditing requirements

Auditing is at the heart of our firm. Although many business owners regard the annual audit and the preparation of the annual accounts as an added cost to their enterprise, we always work as trusted advisers with our clients and attempt to identify areas for improvement in their businesses. Through the audit procedure, we help find solutions to problems and point out opportunities that may have been overlooked.  Together we implement agreed-upon solutions, adding value to your business.

We provide audit services to  micro, small and medium sized clients. These include owner-managed and small, limited liability companies, co-operative societies and voluntary organizations in a variety of sectors, such as retail, wholesale, manufacturing, service, travel, property development, rental and more.

The combination of good audit planning and experience allows us to conduct audits in a methodical, efficient and cost-effective manner.

In Malta, annual accounts and the audit report are available for public scrutiny. In the case of Limited Liability Companies these (or their abridged versions as the case may be) are publicly available at the Registry of Companies at the Malta Financial Services Authority.  Those for co-operative societies are publicly available at the Co-operatives Board in Valletta. We encourage our clients to understand that well-prepared annual accounts and a clean audit report leave a positive impact on the perceptions of creditors, customers, investors, franchisees, potential financiers, referral sources, and even your own staff, all of which have a direct impact on the business’ future prospects.

We also understand the need for continuity and past knowledge and we therefore endeavour to use members of the same team for your annual audit from one year to the next. The contained size of our firm makes this possible.

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Rolan Micallef Attard is a Registered Auditor. Details of our practicing certificates issued by the Accountancy Board with number AB/22/89 may be viewed by clicking here or this button: