Co-operative Services


We can help you with all services required by co-operative societies

Starting up and registering a co-operative society in Malta requires dealing with the Co-operatives Board. This interaction commences on registration and carries on throughout the life cycle of the co-operative. A number of obligations need to be adhered to in order to avoid heavy penalties and burdensome fines.

The range of basic services that you might require with the Co-operatives Board which we are able to provide, include:

• Setting up a co-operative society in Malta
• Drafting of Co-operative Statute in accordance with Co-operative Societies Act
• Registration of society with Co-operatives Board
• Preparation of Application Form
• Preparation of business plan, financial forecasts and viability report
• Accompanying promoters at pre-registration meetings with officials of the Co-operatives Board
• Accompanying acting committee of members to pre-registration meetings with the Co-operatives Board
• Preparation of Annual Forms (Directors’ list and Members’ list)
• Submission of full and abridged sets of audited financial statements with the Co-operatives Board
• Preparation and submission of liquidation and winding-up documents

We may also assist the Co-operative Secretary and Treasurer in order to adhere to all statutory obligations.

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