Payroll, HR & Staff Recruitment


We can help you with all payroll and human resource requirements


Getting payroll calculations correct is important for both employers and employees. Making payroll mistakes not only upsets and infuriates employees, but can lead to legal claims against the employer and accompanying penalties for non-compliance. We can relieve you and your staff of this enormous burden of keeping up to date with the growing complexity of taxation, national insurance and employment legislation, by administering your payroll requirements.

We provide payroll services to a number of clients, normally on a monthly basis. We can work with a variety of software suites either through our in-house software or at your premises on your own software. We will prepare monthly payroll runs and we will deal with statutory payments, maternity and sick leave records and calculate deductions and national insurance contributions, as well as administer annual leave records.

Typically clients use our payroll service to remove the hassle and complexity of running their own payroll, especially in a changing regulatory environment.

Our confidential payroll services include:
• Running a monthly payroll, including producing payslips
• Dealing with over-time, bonus and commission calculations
• Processing statutory payments (FS5) with the Inland Revenue Department
• Dealing with engagements and statutory forms (ETC 101 & FS4)
• Dealing with terminations and statutory forms (ETC 103)
• Processing and submission of yearly Final Settlement System Forms (FS7 & FS3s)
• Processing of online banking transfers to employee accounts

Human Resources & Staff Recruitment

Recruiting, retaining and motivating employees is vital to your entity’s performance. Valuable resources are often diverted from your core operations to deal with these essential HR administrative functions. We will advise you and may take over the administrative work involved in effective human resources management.

Our HR services include:
• Assisting in recruitment campaigns and employee selection
• Assisting in the preparation of contracts of employment
• Developing effective remuneration programmes
• Introducing tax-efficient incentive and benefit schemes
• Conducting performance evaluations
• Targeting recruitment and training programmes
• Assisting in obtaining training grants for employees and directors
• Establishing employee policies, procedures, handbooks, etc
• Maintaining appropriate records
• Staying abreast of tax, national insurance and employment legislation
• Assist in the application of employment law and disputes

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