Tax Returns & Tax Planning


We can help you meet your taxation requirements

Whether you are self employed, a partnership, a company, a co-operative society or a voluntary organisation, paying the correct and lowest amount of tax possible is important.

The compilation of tax returns is an onerous task and tax legislation is complex. Getting it wrong can cost you very heavy penalties and interest charges. We can provide you with a cost effective wide range of taxation services, including:

• Tax registration assistance
• Tax advice and tax planning
• Advice in minimising tax liability of owner-managed enterprises
• Timely compilation of tax returns and electronic filing
• Capital allowance calculations
• Provisional tax calculations and submission
• Settlement tax calculation
• Tax deductions claims
• Advice on industry specific tax opportunities
• Tax credit incentive application
• Assistance with applications for fiscal support measures
• MicroInvest scheme applications
• Reconciliation of tax accounts
• Support, negotiation and representation during tax and Tax Compliance Unit (TCU) investigations
• Complex tax enquiries

Complex tax issues often arise in areas of tax uncertainty, where legislation is ambiguous and where relevant case law may not exist. We will help you seek tax rulings and clearance in relation to your specific transactions.

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