VAT Assistance


We can help you prepare your VAT Returns and meet your VAT deadlines and other requirements

Value Added Tax (VAT) is one of the most complex taxes to deal with on a day to day basis. Whilst VAT is generally chargeable on most goods and services, start-up enterprises often struggle to be compliant from the word go and therefore risk inadvertently overpaying or underpaying VAT.

Determining the correct VAT rate on your product and service or determining your VAT status can be tricky. Getting it right is imperative as mistakes may lead to heavy fines and exorbitant interest rates. These are imposed on the taxpayer from the date of the transaction or occurrence, irrespective of when the default comes to the notice of the VAT inspectors.

We can help you avoid these problems by providing you with a wide, cost effective range of VAT services, which include:
• VAT registration assistance
• VAT advice
• Preparation and completion of VAT returns
• Control and reconciliation of VAT records to books of account
• Reconciliation between EU Member States imports and National Statistics Office on-line submissions
• Recapitulation statements
• VAT planning and document administration
• Assistance with VAT fiscal invoice design and issues on fiscal receipts
• Preparation of computer system audit certification for electronic systems used to generate fiscal receipts
• Support, negotiation and representation during a VAT investigation
• Advice on disputes with the VAT Department on provisional assessments
• Reviews on eligibility of VAT schemes
• Guidance in relation to sector specific VAT issues

More complex VAT issues often relate to areas of VAT uncertainty, where legislation is ambiguous and where relevant case law may not yet exist. We will help you seek VAT rulings and clearance in relation to your specific transactions.

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