Co-operatives and their relationship with UN SDG 8 at SKOP 2015

Co-operatives and their relationship with UN SDG 8 at SKOP 2015

During the seminar under the title Post 2015 Development Agenda – How can we take action in Malta? organised by SKOP on 24th June 2015, Mr Rolan Micallef Attard, CEO of the Malta Co-operative Federation, coordinated one of the workshops entitled Co-operatives and their relationship with UN Sustainable Development Goal No 8 – Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

The participants were encouraged to “experience the co-operative difference” in order to be in a position to offer the co-operative and social co-operative enterprise model to their members.  Mr Micallef Attard explained how the co-operative movement around the world is already actively contributing to the 10 goals set by the United Nations for SDG 8.

Mr Micallef Attard highlighted the characteristics of social enterprises and mapped these to the International Co-operative Principles and Values of co-operatives.  He also presented a detailed start-up social co-operative enterprise case study to the participants in a way that they could understand how he tackled the process and overcame the challenges faced throughout the whole start-up and post start-up hand-holding process in which he was directly involved.

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