Malta | Employee bereavement leave entitlement

Malta | Employee bereavement leave entitlement

The loss of a close family member can be devastating for an employee.  Employers may consider measures to assit the bereaved employee to be allowed to morne and enable the employee to resume work duties as efficiently as possible.

Bereavement  leave shall be granted to the employee without loss of wages only on the occasion of the death of the spouse, parent, son, daughter, brother or sister of the employee, and includes a person who has, or in the past had, legal custody of the employee, or a person who is in the legal custody of the employee.

Full-time employee bereavement entitlement:

Minimum national: 1 day additional  entitlement

Wholesale & retail sector: 2 days additional entitlement

Other trade sectors: check number of days

Part-time employees are entitled to prorata bereavement leave.


Detailed bereavement entitlement and conditions

Other trade sectors list


One thought on “Malta | Employee bereavement leave entitlement

  1. Unexpected loss of loved one

    Recently my husband lost his young mother unexpectedly. He applied for bereavement leave from his employer. We learnt that he was only entitled to 2 paid leave days as bereavement leave.

    In the circumstances we believe that the number of days allowed by law is not enough for him to recover from such a trauma.

    What are the options?

    I turn to the legislators to consider increasing the number of bereavement leave days and to streamline the days entitlement throughout all trade sectors in our economy.

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