Employee’s September 2015 allowance – max. €121.13

Employee’s September 2015 allowance – max. €121.13

Full-time and part-time employees and pensioners in employment are entitled to the September 2015 weekly allowance. The maximum taxable allowance payable to each employee by the last working day of September is €121.13.

Read more detailed information on how to calculate the weekly allowance.

2 thoughts on “Employee’s September 2015 allowance – max. €121.13

  1. I am English living in Malta
    My girl friend is from the Philippines and works in a hotel for an agency.
    She has not been paid the June or the September bonuses and the agency keeps putting her off by making excuses.
    Why are agencies getting away with abusing foreign workers?

    • All employees working with all the necessary permits in Malta are entitled to 4 bonuses and allowances during the year. These are due in March, June, September and December every year. All bonuses and allowances are included in the employee’s payslip and are taxable according to the applicable employee’s tax rates.

      Abuse is absolutely not tolerated by the Department for Industrial & Employment Relations (know also as the Labour Office) found in Valletta, without distinction of the nationality of the employee. Their customer care office may be contacted on telephone number +21224245 during office hours such that your girlfriend may make her claim. Your girlfriend may be asked to provide the Department with payslips and a work contract.

      Further details on this page: http://yesitmatters.com/resources/employment/statutory-bonus-and-weekly-allowance/.

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