Malta | Employee’s September 2016 bonus – max. €121.16

Malta | Employee’s September 2016 bonus – max. €121.16

Full-time and part-time employees and pensioners in employment are entitled to the September 2016 weekly allowance. The maximum taxable allowance payable to each employee by the last working day of September is €121.16.  This allowance is calculated at €4.66 per week or a proportion thereof for the worked period from the 1st April 2016 to the 30th September 2016.

Read more detailed information on how to calculate the weekly allowance.

2 thoughts on “Malta | Employee’s September 2016 bonus – max. €121.16

  1. What happens if you change jobs ie. from July onwards. Your current employer will pay you the September Bonus only for the period July-September, calculated on number of weeks worked for the new employer? Does it mean that the allowance ‘earned’ while working for the previous employer disappears (for the period April – June)?

    • On termination from the previous employment you should have received your termination pay slip. Your last pay from the previous employer should have included besides the salary, the pro-rata bonuses/allowances still outstanding (March, June, September, December accordingly), pro-rata leave entitlement etc.

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