Malta | Maternity Fund Contribution 2016 rates

Malta | Maternity Fund Contribution 2016 rates

The Maternity Fund Contribution Rates for 2016 payable by employers employing male or female employees (full-time or part-time or casual workers) on the employers’ Final Settlement System (FSS) have been published. Certain maternity fund contribution exemptions apply.

The Maternity Fund Contribution 2016 Rates based on employee’s age and basic wage are available here.

Maternity Fund Contribution rules

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  1. I am an employer and one of my employees is now out on maternity leave. I am paying her full wages and I have paid maternity fund contribution for all my employees since last year. The department claims that as yet there is no application form the employer may fill in to start receiving the refund of wages paid to employees who are on maternity leave. They have asked me to wait. What is happening, do you know?

    • Jason the Malta Employers’ Association have just released this statement which should help you understand the current situation:
      Media Release issued on 11th May 2016.
      Employers are not being refunded Maternity Leave benefits – MEA The Malta Employers’ Association is urging government to refund employers the maternity leave benefits that they are due from the Maternity Leave Trust Fund. The Association stated that although the legislation has been in force since July 2015, and employers have been paying 0.3% of their wages and salaries bill into the fund, no refunds have been issued yet and, to date, there is no established mechanism to settle these overdue payments. As things stand, employers are being charged double, as they are paying both the contributions in the trust fund as well as the full pay during the maternity leave. This is another instance where measures are introduced without any thought being given to their implementation. The Association is demanding that the necessary bureaucratic measures are taken to expedite these payments.

    • A Maternity Leave Trust Claim Form is now available for employers eligible to the refund of wages paid to employees who utilised their maternity leave. This form may be compiled online, only with the use of the employer’s eID. The department notifies that employers requiring assistance may attend their local area office of the Department of Social Security where the staff would be able to fill in the application on the employer’s behalf. A number of documents are required to accompany the application and are to be attached to the online application in electronic format. More details are to follow shortly on this website’s Maternity Fund Contribution Blog.

    • The law regulating the Maternity Fund Contribution is the Social Security Act Cap. 318. The law refers to this contribution as the Maternity Leave Fund Contribution (Employers) found in Part IV of the Tenth Schedule.

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