Malta | Minimum wage agreement – What’s in it for you in 2017?

Malta | Minimum wage agreement – What’s in it for you in 2017?

Full-timers and part-timers working under definite and indefinite contracts have been awarded a mandatory supplement of up to €3 in 2017 over and above their minimum wage, following an agreement signed between government, the opposition and the social partners on the 28th April 2017.

The main conditions to enjoy the minimum wage increases are:

  1. The mandatory supplement applies only to employees aged 18 and over
  2. To be eligible for the mandatory supplement in 2017 the employee must have worked with the same employer for at least 1 full year
  3. The maximum increase to the minimum wage for eligible employees is of €3 per week in 2017
  4. The increase in the minimum wage for the above categories of employees applies to all sectors, yet the increase in the sectoral minimum wages may not surpass the national minimum wage
  5. The national minimum wage for employees employed during 2017 will remain that as announced in the 2017 budget : €169.76
  6. Part-time employees are entitled to a prorata increase
  7. Eligible employees entitled to the mandatory supplement and employed on a definite contract of employment may not be substituted by another employee for up to one year from the date upon which the contract expires unless there is a good and sufficient cause

2017 minimum wages for full-time employees:

National: Age 18+ = €169.76 (may increase to €172.76 for eligible employees) – Age 17+ = €162.98 – Age 16+ €160.14

Wholesale  & retail sector: Age 18+ = €170.93 (may increase to €172.76 for eligible employees) – Age 17+ = €163.61 – Age 16+ €161.03

Other trade sectors: check minimum wages

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