Maternity Fund Employers’ Contribution

Maternity Fund Employers’ Contribution

The Maternity Fund Employers’ Contribution has come into force on July 6, 2015 by means of Legal Notice 257 of 2015 (Trust and Trustees Act CAP. 331) and Legal Notice 258 of 2015 (Social Security Act CAP. 318).  The Maternity Fund is earmarked for employers in the private sector entitled to a reimbursement of the salary of 14 weeks maternity leave paid to their employees.

These contributions are payable monthly to the Inland Revenue Department on the new FS5.   The Maternity Fund Contribution is to be declared annually on the new FS3 and FS7.

Applicable Maternity Fund Contribution Rates based on employee’s age and basic wage are available on our webpage: Maternity Fund Employers’ Contribution Rates.

New FS5
Maternity Fund Contributions calculator

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