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MicroInvest 2015 submission deadline – 30th March 2016

MicroInvest 2015 submission deadline – 30th March 2016

The primary deadline for application submissions for the MicroInvest Scheme 2015 is the 30th March 2016 and the Tax Credit Certificate issued will be eligible commencing in the tax year of assessment 2016.  Applications for costs incurred in 2015 and submitted after the 30th March 2016 but on or before the 30th November 2016 shall be issued with a Tax Credit Certificate eligible commencing in the tax year of assessment 2017.

This incentive is open to all undertakings satisfying all the criteria within the Incentive Guidelines.  Application form and supporting documents (De Minimis Declaration) and (Enterprise Size Declaration) are accessible from the MaltaEnterprise dedicated webpage together with the MicroInvest 2015 FAQs document.

The incentive is granted in the form of a tax credit to the successful applicants.

Qualifying costs require certification by a Certified Public Accountant and must accompany the application.  We are authorized to certify the documents of costs incurred for the period 1st January 2015 to the 31st December 2015.    Contact us on Tel. No. 21430100 Kindly contact us if you require this service.

For each cost item the following documents are to be stamped as “Certified True Copy” by the Accountant and the accountant must include his or her full name and warrant number on each document together with his or her signature, thus confirming that the document attached to the application is a true copy of the original.
a) Tax Invoice and an associated receipt. (See 12th Schedule of the VAT Act Cap 406)
b) Tax Invoice marked as paid by the supplier. (See 12th Schedule of the VAT Act Cap 406 )
c) Original Fiscal Receipt. (See 13th Schedule of Chapter 406 of the VAT Act Cap. 406)

It is important to note that eligible Invoices/Fiscal Receipts must have a value of not less than €200 before VAT and must include; the name and details of the supplier,  the date of supply, a clear description of the item/s purchased, and the VAT numbers of both the suppliers and applicant.

 A number of conditions apply for eligibility of these costs - download the guidelines for more details  Eligible costs include:

  • wages costs covering new jobs created in 2015;
  • furbishing and refurbishing;
  • investment costs in capital goods including motor vehicles.

For more information contact MaltaEnterprise or Business First on Tel. No. 144

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