Malta | 2016 Minimum wage for employees

Malta | 2016 Minimum wage for employees

Minimum wages for full-time employees have increased by €1.75 in 2016 when compared to 2015 figures based on the cost of living adjustment as announced by government in the 2016 budget.

Full-time employees minimum wages:

National: Age 18+ = €168.01 – Age 17+ = €161.23 – Age 16+ €158.39

Wholesale  & retail sector: Age 18+ = €169.18 – Age 17+ = €161.86 – Age 16+ €159.28

Other trade sectors: check minimum wages

Part-time employees are entitled to a prorata increase.


Detailed and past minimum wages in Malta

Other trade sectors list


2 thoughts on “Malta | 2016 Minimum wage for employees

  1. Commission based wage from Paola

    I am employed full-time and my salary is totally based on a percentage commission which I earn on the sales I make with retail shops around the island. I am only guaranteed a salary of €100 per week if my commission does not reach the €100.

    While in previous years I managed reasonably well because sales were good, currently business is not so good and I am not managing to live decently with the commission-based pay I manage to generate.

    I have realised that my weekly pay is not managing to reach the minium wage. Because business is bad my wage is paid late by my employer.

    Am I being paid correctly?

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