Specialist Services


Loss of profits and other consequential losses, fraud, theft, prevention and negligence identification might require investigations performed by forensic accountants. Read More


Managing conflict strategically is essential to uncover important issues which could lead to achieving consensual change and the retention of strong relationships. Read More

Litigation Support

Litigation Support

Many disputes which lead to litigation involve financial matters, many of which require expert advice from a very early stage on the financial aspects of the dispute. Read More

Staff Training

Continuous staff training is key to supporting business strategies. This ensures that your staff fully understand how to use the technology and apply the processes to achieve better outcomes and make their jobs easier. Read More

Sales, Marketing & Promotion

Creating a professionally prepared sales and marketing promotion strategy requires a thorough knowledge of your company’s products, competition, mission and cost identification. Read More

Web Presence Consultancy

By having a website or social media presence does not necessary attract the expected online clients. Promoting your business online is time consuming, might be complicated, and is not allowing you to concentrate on your core business. Read More

Networking Strategies

Networking strategies help you generate new sales leads, deepen connections with existing contacts, learn useful information about your products, services and markets thus enabling increased business. Read More