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Employment Strategy Building

Looking for a new job or changing employment in Malta might not be that easy. It is essential to build the necessary personal skills and attributes for success. Read More

Pension and Retirement Strategies

Pension schemes in Malta are intended as a savings plan for providing income at a later stage in a person’s lifetime. It is of utmost importance to plan well ahead of the retirement age. Read More

Tax Returns & Assistance

Individuals, full-time and part-time employees, pensioners, single parents, married, divorced, separated and self employed persons should pay the correct but lowest amount of tax possible. Read More

Cash Flow Planning

Cash flow planning is a tool which determines whether an asset or an investment or a bank loan is affordable based on the family lifestyle and various future income streams. Read More

Financial Planning

Most major life milestones may be planned ahead of time and are of utmost importance and should not be overlooked. Financial planning assists in making these events when they occur affordable. Read More

Grants Application Assistance

A number of government grants and allowances are available in Malta, ranging from social security measures, children allowance, sickness benefit, housing, energy saving, sports, to the arts. Read More

Inheritance Planning

Formulating specified wishes ahead of time through inheritance planning could be economically beneficial to the heirs. Persons who are unable to look after their own affairs may benefit from trusts. Read More

Causa Mortis Assistance

Death of a relative could be a very daunting experience which could lead to financial hardship. In Malta bureaucratic procedures and paperwork collating is painstaking task to the inexperienced heir. Read More