Employment Matters & FAQs

Employment Matters

Conditions of employment in Malta are available here, including probation and notice periods, minimum wages, leave conditions, bonuses, COLA, tax rates, social security rates, public holidays and much more. Read More

Social Security Matters & FAQs

Social Security Matters

Maltese related social security benefits, self-employed contribution rates and pensions, reciprocal agreements, district offices, commonly used social security forms and legislation may be accessed in this section. Read More

Taxation Matters & FAQs

Taxation Matters

This section provides information on tax rates and tax benefits for Malta, and provides links to commonly used tax forms and availability of an IRD on-line tax calculator. Read More

VAT Matters & FAQs

VAT Matters

VAT matters and personal VAT benefits, commonly used VAT forms, the NSO declaration system, the VIES VAT number validation system and VAT legislation for Malta are accessible. Read More

Company Matters & FAQs

Company Matters

Maltese company formation fees, annual fees and publication fees, and frequently used official Registry forms and company legislation are available on these pages. Read More

Co-operative Matters & FAQs

Co-operative Matters

This section provides information on statutory requirements related to co-operative societies. Read More