Social Security department requires an official Power Of Attorney

Social Security department requires an official Power Of Attorney

Acting on behalf of relatives, friends or clients to discuss pension matters or other social security benefits requires the signed presentation of a specific Power of Attorney.  This Power of Attorney for Pensions and Benefits required signatures from the pensioner or beneficiary, the agent accepting to act on behalf of the pensioner or beneficiary and the witness to the signatures.

Failure to have this form available at hand when visiting the Social Security district offices may incur delays in being served on behalf of the pensioner or beneficiary.

2 thoughts on “Social Security department requires an official Power Of Attorney

  1. On Tuesday, I went to the Social Security District Office with the official Power of Attorney so that I may discuss matters of a relative with disability, who cannot attend the offices. The Form could not be processed and therefore it was refused by the department’s staff. The official reason given to me was that although the POA was filled correctly, any witness signing the Form must have a rubber stamp and must stamp the Form next to the signature. The witness to the two signatures does not have a rubber stamp, so I now need to meet another witness together with my relative to complete a fresh form before I can return to the department. I urge the authorities to look into the matter and if necessary include some instructions on how to fill in the form in order to avoid inconvenience.

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