2015 – Co-operatives Board appointed

2015 – Co-operatives Board appointed

The Minister for Economy, Investment and Small Business, Dr. Christian Cardona, has appointed the new Co-operatives Board members for the term up to the 31st May 2016 (Government Gazette No. 19463 – Notice 782). The term of the outgoing Co-operatives Board ended on the 31st May 2015. Although the term for Co-operatives Board members is statutorily set at a minimum of two years, the term for the newly-appointed Board runs only until May 31st 2016.

The Members of the Co-operatives Board (2015-2016) are Mr Paul Debono (Chairman), Dr Jonathan Attard and Mr Ivan V Buttigieg. They join the re-appointed members Mr Angelo Azzopardi and Mr Joe Abela. Link to the Co-operative Board Members’ CVs.

The Minister also re-appointed Dr Lydia Abela as Secretary to the Co-operatives Board.

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