2015 – Co-operatives Board Member list corrected

2015 – Co-operatives Board Member list corrected

Government Notice No. 898 in the Government Gazette No. 19475 of the 18th September 2015 has repealed Government Notice No. 782 in the Government Gazette No. 19463 of the 14th August 2015.  In the original Government Notice No. 782, Mr Carmelo Bugeja was not included in the Co-operatives Board Member list.

The term of the outgoing Co-operatives Board ended on the 31st May 2015. Although the term for Co-operatives Board members is statutorily set at a minimum of two years, the term for the newly-appointed Board runs only until May 31st 2016.  This anomaly was not corrected in Government Notice 898.

The corrected Member list of the Co-operatives Board (2015-2016) as appointed by the Minister for Economy, Investment and Small Business, Dr. Christian Cardona, are (Government Gazette No. 19475 – Notice 898) Mr Paul Debono (Chairman), Dr Jonathan Attard and Mr Ivan V Buttigieg. They join the re-appointed members Mr Angelo Azzopardi, Mr Joe Abela and Mr Carmelo Bugeja. Link to the Co-operative Board Members’ CVs.

The Minister also re-appointed Dr Lydia Abela as Secretary to the Co-operatives Board.

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