Malta | Fees for the display of adverts and business insignia

Malta | Fees for the display of adverts and business insignia

The fee payable to Transport Malta for advertising displays visible from the road shall be €1,500 per annum.  These fees come into force following a published Legal Notice entitled Billboards and Advertisements Regulations, 2016.

The advertising media include word, letter, model, sign, placard, board, notice, device or representation, whether illuminated or not, in the nature of and employed wholly or in part for the purposes of advertisement, announcement or direction, including any boarding or similar structure used or adapted for use for the display of advertisements, and includes a billboard.

These annual fees will also be charged for any adverts displayed on the facade of a shop or business if the advert is larger than 0.5 square metres in area.  Smaller adverts are exempt of these fees as long as they are fitted flat against the facade and are not projecting signs.  Each shop may not display more than two exempt adverts.  Business insignia are exempt if they follow the conditions mentioned here and not more than one insignia is displayed per street frontage.

The regulations indicate that no advertisement shall be displayed or be illuminated in any place which is visible from the road, and no advertising vehicle may be placed on the road or on a place which is visible from the road, without the necessary permits.

Fines for advertisements without the necessary permits: Minimum €1,000 Maximum €5,000. For more details contact Transport Malta.

Link to the published Legal Notice 103 of 2016.


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  1. Following a number of complaints and protests from the business community, it is expected, that the Billboards and Advertisements Regulations, 2016 introduced earlier this month (April 2016) are to be amended in order to exempt business shop signs of a size larger than 0.5 square meters from permit and licencing requirements.

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