One-time non-taxable additional bonus 2015

One-time non-taxable additional bonus 2015

In 2015 a one-time non-taxable additional bonus of €35 shall be paid to all full-time employees who do not benefit from the income tax reductions that have come into force in 2015. The bonus shall be paid to all pensioners and to persons in receipt of social security benefits. Part-timers and students shall also benefit from this additional bonus on a pro-rata basis.

A similar incentive of €90.85 (Lm39) was introduced in 2004. The 2004 bonus was payable by employers to their employees and the bonus paid was later recovered by the employers from Government. The 2004 incentive is not to be confused with the new 2015 incentive.

 Need help? Contact us on: +35621430100 Unlike in 2004, the 2015 additional bonus shall be paid directly by Government and employers shall not pay this bonus to their employees.

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3 thoughts on “One-time non-taxable additional bonus 2015

  1. My colleague at work who is earning the same salary like mine under a collective agreement has received his €35 one-time bonus. Which government department is administering this scheme so I may check why I did not receive this bonus? Thanks

    • The Inland Revenue Department are administering the one-time non-taxable additional bonus 2015 scheme. You may contact the IRD’s Customer Care during office hours on telephone number 00356 22962296. They will surely look into your case and will clarify the reason why you have not received this bonus.

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