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Malta | Getting married in Malta? Claim VAT on wedding expenses!

Malta | Getting married in Malta? Claim VAT on wedding expenses!

VAT on expenses in connection with your wedding may be refunded by the VAT Department following the submission of an application.

​The VAT department advises that it is important that once the application form is submitted the official  fiscal receipts should reach the VAT Department within fifteen days from the date of acknowledgement.  The application must also be submitted within 180 days from the date of the marriage/civil union date. Failure to do so will disqualify the application.

The electronic acknowledgement must be signed and forwarded to the VAT Department.  The original fiscal receipts, copies (front and back) of the Identity Cards of both spouses and the marriage/civil union certificates must accompany the application.

Grant thresholds and calculation:

Maximum €1,747 (as of September 2014).  Grant is awarded on the lesser of the threshold or 13.04% of the eligible expenditure.

Other Information:

Marriage Grant

A marriage grant is available from the social security department (view current rates)

Full-time employee marriage leave entitlement:

Marriage leave may be availed of on the first working day after the occurrence of the wedding, yet, the employee may request the postponement of the marriage leave up to two weeks after the wedding in compelling circumstances and the employer must adhere to the employee’s request. The marriage leave is extra to the 192 hours annual leave entitlement. Leave is availed of during a working day.

Minimum national: 2 days additional  entitlement
Wholesale & retail sector: 3 days additional entitlement
Other trade sectors: check number of days
Part-time employees are entitled to prorata marriage leave.


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