1 way of applying for a social security number | Malta

1 way of applying for a social security number | Malta

All employees or self-employed/occupied persons in Malta require a social security number (also known as the NI number).  Social security numbers are provided to persons who are between 16 and 65 years of age.  Any person moving to Malta must apply for the social security number which will give the person the right to work in Malta once all domestic regulations are adhered to.  A unique social security number is assigned to every person and the number remains permanent.  Minors under 16 years of age may be assigned a social security number if certain conditions apply, download conditions.

This National Insurance number or Social Security number will enable persons to take advantage of a number of benefits and is required for the payment of social security contributions.

An Online Form is available for all first time applicants.  Supporting documents might be required to accompany the form especially for non-Maltese ID Card holders, download conditions.

Documents required for Maltese Nationals under 16 years of age
Documents required for non-Maltese ID Card holders

On-line application for social security number
Social Security District Offices in Malta and Gozo
Social Security Benefits


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